Strengthening the democratic contribution of NGOs and nonprofit organisations

Summer time, and the living is?

think perhaps I and every other Phd student I have met to date, has/had fantastic plans for increased summer productivity.  Well at least for me, despite the cooperative and miserable weather, the results have been disappointing. That’s not to say I have not done a bit.  I dealt with my doctoral panel, and have got a reasonable start on my literature review on participatory democracy, however I don’t have a deep.. Read More

Guest blog

Wrote a guest blog for Dochas on the arguments for global equality using material prepared for a class presentation. Feels a bit inadequate, its a summary really, and I am not sure that each of the arguments is really for an equality based response to global injustice. Though I am very interested in the comments, one so far, I wonder if there will be others?

Sorry I am late… I had a meeting with my doctoral panel!

I quite like the sound of that, sounds serious! I have a doctoral panel. Four people who are charged with offering me feedback, support and constructive criticism.  Feels like a bit of a luxury to be honest, I can’t remember ever having four people read something I have written and offer me thoughtful and considered feedback. I was quite excited going in, nervous in fact.  Me facing four experienced academics!.. Read More

Why we need dedicated funded advocacy organisations.

7istooyoung is a dynamic, energetic and apparently very effective campaign, focused on protecting lone parents from the worst excesses of the austerity Budget 2012. Despite the remarkably unpopular subject area (lets face it lone parents are not sick children or puppies), the three key organisations involved have not only generated public sympathy, but also political willingness, where none had existed.  No mean feat. And what has this got to do with.. Read More

Virtual paper

Shortly after I started this semester’s course work, I realised that if I were to print or copy every article I was expected to read, a small forrest would be doomed, and I would quickly run out of storage space. Sooooo… I have to read on screen, like many others this is not my natural state of affairs.  Over the past few years I have gotten much better at editing.. Read More