Yup cakes… I like making my kid’s birthday cakes and sometimes I get a little bit too caught up in it!

I think Jake’s 3rd Birthday train was the first time I crumb coated anything! Instructions from the Betty Crocker website.


Followed shortly by Lorna’s 6th PJ party!

P1040538 IMG_0689











For Jake’s 4th party I was obviously busy that year because I stuck an octopus on a shop bought teenage mutant ninja turtle.  It did not prove popular!  In my defense the party was in the Sea Life Centre.












We were in Spain for Lorna’s 7th birthday and then had a party in the Make Shop and we bought a cake (2014 was not a good year for cake creations!)

LornaBday (9 of 13)











Things were different in 2015 (I was on maternity leave!).  Jake was going though his army/bird-watching phase.









And Lorna had a very wet party in the woods in Kilruddery.

IMG_0614 DSC_0106








In 2016 things got interesting: we added a birthday, an anniversary and took on a communion cake!

Helen’s 1st birthday (this one had graduated pink layers on the inside).


IMG_3468 (1)











A glass cake for our 14th wedding anniversary.  The cake is Nigella’s devils food cake, which I have used a few times since: https://www.nigella.com/recipes/devil-s-food-cake









Elsa’s Holy Communion lemon drizzle cake.












Jake’s 6th football cake (nothing original about this one!).  Though I am proud of the cupcake football match.

IMG_4152 DSC_0307








Lorna’s 9th flower cake. Instructions from: http://thecakeblog.com/2016/03/chocolate-flower-cake.html












2017 … in the middle of all that writing and submitting my PhD, there was cake.


One turtle cake (Helen 2nd birthday)









One GAA cake (Jake’s 7th)










and the one I call ‘pimp my chocolate biscuit cake’ (for Lorna’s 10th Party)!