Strengthening the democratic contribution of NGOs and nonprofit organisations


Well its taken a bit longer than I anticipated, but beginning to feel like I am getting into the reading on participatory democracy. Some if it is very tough going, some of it really exciting.  The problem is now I don’t know where to stop, the more I read the broader it gets. How important is the earlier theoretical stuff, should I concentrate on more recent writing?  How much do.. Read More

Summer time, and the living is?

think perhaps I and every other Phd student I have met to date, has/had fantastic plans for increased summer productivity.  Well at least for me, despite the cooperative and miserable weather, the results have been disappointing. That’s not to say I have not done a bit.  I dealt with my doctoral panel, and have got a reasonable start on my literature review on participatory democracy, however I don’t have a deep.. Read More

Virtual paper

Shortly after I started this semester’s course work, I realised that if I were to print or copy every article I was expected to read, a small forrest would be doomed, and I would quickly run out of storage space. Sooooo… I have to read on screen, like many others this is not my natural state of affairs.  Over the past few years I have gotten much better at editing.. Read More