Soooooo, this blog has been even quieter than usual, but in my defence I have been busy. Helen was born on 4th of February just before we moved out of our house for renovations. We are back now though and I have a desk, a computer, and a creche.

I did do some work while on maternity leave, and I think it has been important in terms of keeping in touch with the PhD project. There were a couple of Advocacy Initiative related presentations, a conference presentation with Nimah McCrea in Edinburgh, and I worked on a journal article I had drafted before Helen was born, along with a case study of the Advocacy Initiative. There was also some work on a Freedom of Information request, that has so far led to nothing, but perhaps more of that another time. And, a bit of Claiming our Future stuff thrown in for good measure.

Helen has been a pretty easy going baby, but between her and the house renovations its has been tricky to find blocks of time (and energy). I read something recently about ‘confetti’ time, little teeny, tiny bits of spare time that you try to grab hold off, unfortunately it is hard to make them add up to a coherent whole.

That said I don’t regret trying to do some work, and I don’t regret that it was not always possible. Right now, Helen will be going to creche for half days, so I will get both worlds, and I am looking forward to doing that in a structured way. Clear work time and clear-ish ‘everything’ else time.