Its been a hectic few months.  I have been working towards putting a full draft of the thesis together and getting it off to my supervisors.  Which meant lots of editing and re-drafting, as well as writing my conclusion and introduction.  One thing that really helped is that I had to write an abstract (to send to prospective externs), which was a really tricky thing to write, but it meant that I had a starting place for my conclusion (which BTW does need more work). Last Friday I sent off all 248 pages, about 84,000 words. It will be a few weeks before I get feedback and then I’ve given myself two months to submit.

Been in a funny head space since then. Feeling anxious that I need to be doing things, but also pfaffing around – writing lists, listening to the radio, drinking coffee… I guess just letting my head catch up with itself. Promised myself I would write a blog, but not really sure what to say!  So, consider this a sort of unstructured and rambling update… much like the last few days of my life!