Not sure why it has taken me a month to write this blog post.  But I did submit at the end of July.img_6598-1

It has been a long and intense slog since Christmas; I kept up some contracting and volunteer work but the PhD really hoovered up every bit of time it could, including all those weekends.  It is certainly nice to move away from that intensity.

Jake came with me when I submitted and I was really glad to have him there, because it might have been a bit lonely on my own.  Though Sarah (new supervisor) was great, really lovely in fact, as were John and Marie when I was in contact with them that day.

Submission is, obviously, a big deal and I was a bit overwhelmed by the response from family and friends, though of course it is not the end of the
road.  My Viva will be in early November and there will be more work do to after that.

Predictably, submission has opened up a lot of questions abut what comes next. I am a bit all over the place with that to be honest.

I am really not sure about what else to say at the moment, though that might be the late night flight back from a conference presentation in Nottingham yesterday.