Strengthening the democratic contribution of NGOs and nonprofit organisations

Our laws governing political donations don’t work for democracy

This is the text of a column I published in the on 3 January 2018. So now we know.  The Electoral Acts – the suite of laws which govern political donations – are failing to deepen transparency and accountability of those designated as ‘third parties’. Not because these ‘third parties’, or more specifically civil society organisations (CSOs) such as Amnesty International, are failing to comply, but because the legislation.. Read More

Lobbying: alive and kicking in 2017!

Regulation of lobbying is intended to shine a light on who is lobbying who and about what.  Lobbying is any communication which aims to influence decision-makers and the democratic decisions they make. From a democratic perspective understanding lobbying is important, because if we can better understand who our decision-makers are talking to and what information is available to them, we can better understand how decisions are made.  Lobbying has something.. Read More