30 May 2013

Sara, Maureen, John and Kathleen

I was not worried about the Transfer Assessment, it was clear that it was a formal process and I would not have been put forward for it if I was not ready.  The panel involved giving a short presentation of the research, I had a powerpoint set up from last year so I just needed to up date it.  It was useful to discuss some of the more methodological questions, and while I was nervous that the discussion might through up something I had not thought of, anything that did come up was either a useful elaboration or repetitive of comments I had heard in the past.

I wonder how much my thinking has changed and developed.  Its certainly has changed a bit and the reading process has been a useful one, but one question I have for myself is whether my thinking is flexible enough.  Undoubtedly I don’t want to fall into the trap of not pinning down my question that seems to beset many PhD students, but neither to I want to shut down new ways of thinking about my question because of a fear of ending up in an unending process of question formulation.

My next stage is to start collecting data, I have a plan, we’ll see how it goes…